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The Ice

Bildquelle: Aquila Camenzind

'My leg was so badly broken, they thought I might lose it,' she says of the cycling accident which nearly cost her a limb. 'They had to leave the fracture open for ten days to avoid necrosis.'

There is no place for fear, no place for panic, no place for mistakes...

Under the Ice you need total control.

Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice. Ms Nordblad explains that she underwent excruciating ice therapy to help her heal, which shesays was 'agony' at first, before she slowly got used to the feeling. She discovered her love for the sport through cold-water treatment while recovering from a downhill biking accident that almost took her leg. British director and photographer Ian Derry captures her taking a plunge under the Arctic ice. Read more on NOWNESS -

She is then filmed cutting a perfect triangle in the lake's thick covering of ice, after which she slithers into the hole and uses both arms to plunge herself into the freezing deep.

'There is no place for fear,' she narrates. 'There is no place for panic, no place for mistakes. You have to trust yourself completely.

Bildquelle: Aquila Camenzind

Bildquelle: Aquila Camenzind

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